About Peter


I began my career as a film editor working at central Television in Birmingham. Three years later I joined the ground-breaking TV-am as a online video editor. I then moved onto another start-up at Pickwick studios, which subsequently merged, into Carlton Television.

The next progressive step was as a freelance editor, which exposed me to, and expanded my skill set towards producing and directing. The ability of being able to “shoot for the edit” has helped towards achieving a diverse range of directing credits. These include a mix of genres from drama, entertainment to commercials which included working with Granada, Carlton, Action Time, Channel 4, LWT, and Planet 24.

Six years ago I was integrally involved in establishing Global Business Television, a B2B corporate production company. With that phase past I am now concentrating on the development of drama screenplays and innovative television formats.

While excited by the possibilities digital technology is offering across all forms of visual media, I've not lost my passion for editing. I run my own AVID Express Pro HD suite, complete with VTR and colour grade monitor. This also allows me to take my full suite on location in a high-powered PC.

I would also like to mention that I can drive Digi-Beta, BetaSP, DV & DVCam as a video lighting cameraman.

If you'd like to see a showreel of my work click contact and request a DVD, CD-Rom or VHS cassette.